In the future I want to be a Dental Hygienist. Dental hygienists help maintain the dental health of their patients and educate them about proper oral hygiene. The main responsibilities of dental hygienists are to examine teeth and gums visually and with x-rays to find tooth decay and gum disease, report problems to the dentist, scrape hard built-up material off teeth, polish patients’ teeth and give advice on preventive dental care. Dental hygienist wages can vary widely, they often range from $30 - $40.However with more experience and knowledge you can earn up to $60 an hour in some regions. Dental hygienists mostly work in dental offices but some may work for larger organizations such as the hospital. To become a dental hygienist a lot of hard work and education is required. A bachelor’s degree in Dental hygiene is required and you receive the degree after 4 years.

  I am interested in this career because I enjoy working with people and I am good in sciences and math. Firstly, dental hygienists work with other people including children, adults and seniors. I really like seeing people and after a dental hygienist finishes there work they see a smile on ones face and that is a reassuring fact. Second I am strong in science and math subjects and to become a dental hygienist you need the basic sciences like chemistry, biology and physics. Finally dental hygienists make a good amount of money. The only concern I have is that after university, will there be a job available in British Columbia.


     For my genius hour I have decided to do tie-dye. I selected this area for genius hour because it’s something that is creative and different. I am the type of girl that buys my clothes and never really thought of how much effort and work it takes to design clothes and make them look pretty .I took sewing class in grade 8 for about 6 weeks, after that I have never touched a sewing machine or anything to do with creating your own clothes. Tie-dye is the process of taking a normal white shirt and dyeing it with a variety of colors. I think this area will be very fun to work with and not only will I tie dye but I will also make different types of shirts for an example, some will be t-shirt style and some tank top style.

    In this area I hope to gain experience of how to tie dye and also to learn how to do different patterns on a shirt using the tie-dye technique. If I learn how to tie dye then it will be for my benefit because whenever I want to design something in the future then I will have knowledge on how to make whatever I am making colorful. When it comes to creativity, I am not really creative and tend to take the easy way out. When I tie dye I hope to be creative with the colors and make more than one design of tie dye on it such as, making polka dots, spirals and stripes.

An example of a tie dye shirt I hope to accomplish

     Hi my name is Arveen.Most people like to say that I am very energetic and talk a lot, I guess you can say that's true.I like to be really fun and keep people entertained with my sense of humor. Others like to say that I am not the smartest person however they say I am not"Street" smart, some how I guess they are right ,at times  I have those days were I say something crazy which was completely wrong! Of course the people that think I am energetic and talk a lot is my family.My family is probably one of the most craziest family! I have a really big family which includes grandparents , aunts ,uncles,cousins,my mom and dad and my brother. Since childhood I have been really close with my cousins and grandparents and everyone else and now since I have grown up I am still very close with them all. I have  made a lot of memories with them some really fun ones and some not so fun ones. I would characterize my family as CRAZY! When were all together it gets really loud and we come up with some weird and fun things to do, to keep ourselves entertained. We could be so loud that my grandparents would say that any time my basement people moved out , it was my cousins and my fault because we are to loud

    Some of my favorite things to do are go outside and play soccer or any other sport with my little cousin.Also when I have nothing else to do like every other teenage girl I like to do my sisters hair or makeup and just play with hair and come up with new designs and dress up! When the rest of the family comes over we really like to play cards and the game signal. It is a really fun and nerve racking game, it definitely brings the 'fam jam" closer and we all have tons of fun playing signal. If I ever won the lottery, first I would donate money to the Children's Hospital ,and then renovate my room and get new things to put it in and at my age the rest of it I would save towards collage and university.Oh and also go on a major shopping spree!

In closing,I look foward to the upcoming years with my family and also coming to matheson for two more years.You know what they say best times are always with the family!


I agree with Sir Ken Robinson because school is like a drug it makes you tired and drained out at the end of the day.However like this quote says by Albert Einstein "It is the supreme ART of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. If you go to school and have a teacher who is very strict and is only about teaching the academic and is not fun than the kids will not have the option of being creative because the teacher is not giving them a chance to show the creative side of them if the teacher is boring.But if you have a teacher who is always joyful and wants to make there students happy than the students will have a chance to be creative.If you have fun at school then you wont be tired and drained out in fact you will be wide awake