For my genius hour I have decided to do tie-dye. I selected this area for genius hour because it’s something that is creative and different. I am the type of girl that buys my clothes and never really thought of how much effort and work it takes to design clothes and make them look pretty .I took sewing class in grade 8 for about 6 weeks, after that I have never touched a sewing machine or anything to do with creating your own clothes. Tie-dye is the process of taking a normal white shirt and dyeing it with a variety of colors. I think this area will be very fun to work with and not only will I tie dye but I will also make different types of shirts for an example, some will be t-shirt style and some tank top style.

    In this area I hope to gain experience of how to tie dye and also to learn how to do different patterns on a shirt using the tie-dye technique. If I learn how to tie dye then it will be for my benefit because whenever I want to design something in the future then I will have knowledge on how to make whatever I am making colorful. When it comes to creativity, I am not really creative and tend to take the easy way out. When I tie dye I hope to be creative with the colors and make more than one design of tie dye on it such as, making polka dots, spirals and stripes.

An example of a tie dye shirt I hope to accomplish

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