In the future I want to be a Dental Hygienist. Dental hygienists help maintain the dental health of their patients and educate them about proper oral hygiene. The main responsibilities of dental hygienists are to examine teeth and gums visually and with x-rays to find tooth decay and gum disease, report problems to the dentist, scrape hard built-up material off teeth, polish patients’ teeth and give advice on preventive dental care. Dental hygienist wages can vary widely, they often range from $30 - $40.However with more experience and knowledge you can earn up to $60 an hour in some regions. Dental hygienists mostly work in dental offices but some may work for larger organizations such as the hospital. To become a dental hygienist a lot of hard work and education is required. A bachelor’s degree in Dental hygiene is required and you receive the degree after 4 years.

  I am interested in this career because I enjoy working with people and I am good in sciences and math. Firstly, dental hygienists work with other people including children, adults and seniors. I really like seeing people and after a dental hygienist finishes there work they see a smile on ones face and that is a reassuring fact. Second I am strong in science and math subjects and to become a dental hygienist you need the basic sciences like chemistry, biology and physics. Finally dental hygienists make a good amount of money. The only concern I have is that after university, will there be a job available in British Columbia.

Ms. Bertrand

Thoughtful and clear assessment of your potential future career. You mention concerns over finding work in B.C. What did your outlook research say? Is it on the decline?


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